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Mmm, good!

Like these A LOT! Highly recommend.

Snowbits all in one pack

I liked the flat ones but the round ones I did not like! Too chewy and not a pleasant taste but the others are great


these treats are great.


My husband and I loved them! About to order more right now.


I've gotten the original, Oreo, & dates... I just purchased the citrus ones...oooh sooo delicious 😋..I will buy them again!!


This is my favorite product and my granddaughter loves them too. I love the fact that they are chewy, not too sweet and a great coating.

Snowbits Treats Original (15 PCS)

Great Snack

These are great! They're the perfect size for a snack and they are not too sweet like other snacks. They're are a little chewier than the original treats. I just wish there was a nut-free variation that I could take to work with me.

Great new Item...

Love, Love, Love your new Tropical Treat... so delicious! Also, enjoy the Date Treat! Great tastes with minimal calories! Always have a few in my bag for a quick “on the go” snack; also love that they are individually wrapped! Keep up the good works💓...

SnowBits Review

OMG !!! I'm so hooked... Whenever I get the Munchies...
My new 'Go To' snack. Tropical is my fav.
Just placed an order, can't wait to try the Jujube date treats 😋


I never get anything from this company that I don’t like as a matter of fact my whole family eats it quickly and I have to turn around and order more! It’s fresh each piece is pre-wrapped it’s never old it’s never hard it’s just delicious and it’s good for you!


I love all the flavors that Snowbits offers but this one is particularly good. The burst of the tropical tangy fruit takes it to another level. Love these for a great little not-too-sweet snack.

Coffee snow bits

I purchased the coffe and the mocha and they’re both so delicious.

Absolutely yummy!!

What a wonderful mini bite of goodness! It satisfies my sweet tooth without a lot of calories! Delicious!


I love these.

These treats are amazing

My whole family loved these treats, including my 1yo and 3yo. 12 pieces was not enough so I ordered 3x30 pieces bags and extras for gifts.

They a soft, light with and a little bit chewy, makes for a great snack or dessert.

Highly recommend

Love these!

These are a real delight. Crunchy, chewy and not too sweet.
A tasty nugget with dry fruit and cookies. The 30 piece bags are reasonably priced and last a long time. I buy 2 or 3 bags at a time.

So Good. Great taste

I got a variety of the snowbites and the chocolate dates. The dates are amazing. Chewy and so good. So far I've had 2 of the variety pack. Both were so good. I highly recommend these tasty treats. The reclosable bags are very green and can be reused for other snacks once they're empty. Which will be fast.

Love love!

These were so delicious! Light and chewy! They all tasted great! I’ll definitely be back!

Great Products!!

This is my 1st time trying these. I ordered a few of the packs. They're very good. I'll be ordering more!!!

Sooo good

These treats are delicious and a perfect portion. Customer service is excellent. I will definitely order more!!

Addictive Little Snowbits

Perfect little squares of goodness. Unique flavors and texture. I will be buying again!

Tropical Snowbits

This flavor is amazing, I love love and will order more.


I was not sure at first when I purchased these.
They are amazing! Lightly sweet, crunchy, satisfying.


I am hooked on all of them!!!