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Tastes awesome!

The freeze dried strawberry bits are delicious! I could eat the whole bag at once! Definitely would buy again!

Just the right gift

Can't wait to see my friend's reaction when she opens this. She will love it like I do.


At first strange reaction looking at them and then one by one couldn't stop so yummy and light and even my husband tried and said please order more so we did .

Strawberry snowbits

I was very disappointed. I was expecting more of a strawberry flavor. Asked my family to try to see if it was me or product and they all said the same hardly any flavor.


I did enjoy your candy and my husband loved the coffee flavor. My suggestion,however, is to label the individual candy wrappers somehow indicate the flavor. I put them in candy dish and some wouldn’t try one without knowing what it is.


Lots of coffee flavor which I love, And love the almond pieces in it. Such a great treat and I might be addicted:)

snowbits candy

I have had only 2 pieces and find them hard instead of soft. I like the individual packaging and will give them to others, I like chewy candy not hard.


Love sending these boxes out as gifts…..

Trying new flavors

I got the 8 PCS Nut-Free I was happily surprised with most of the new flavored ones except for the ones that had mint, at least I think it was mint. That flavor was too overpowering for my taste. All the others were awesomely delicious. Thank you.

Just the right bite!

Was a little surprised at first by the texture but after my first few, I was addicted. They are just enough to satisfy the craving for sweets without a ton of calories. Love the different flavor choices..well worth ordering.

Taste test

Delicious-- will order again-- closer to Christmas

Amazingly good

I received my order yesterday and I was very happy they are so good, I got the strawberry ones, I truly regret not getting more. I love them.

Future Purchases

Very tasty. I enjoyed everything about this Snowbit. I would continue to buy it.


These are addicting yet not too sweet and heavy.

Perfect treats

Love my new bits.

opting out


Delicious treats I just ordered more


I like that these are light, yet so flavorful!!! So far, strawberry is my favorite!!

I've already re-ordered!

Stop sending me this "57 days" email! I've ordered TWICE in that interval. Please update your info!

Soft, Chewy goodness.

I liked all the flavors in the sampler. I'm currently waiting for my next order.

Soft and chewy

Absolutely love these bites. I like the texture and that, though sweet, it’s not candy sweet It’s damn near the perfect sweet treat.

They were amazing. I’m definitely going to order again in the near future


My husband takes these to work

Tasty and delicious healthy snack

We have ordered twice from this company and do love the low calorie, low carb snack option. I haven't tried a flavor I didn't like.

there is more coffee flavor in the coffee ones than in the chocolate ones.