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These are so tasty and so addicting! I love every flavor but my favorites are the cookies and cream and the strawberry!


I am addicted to snowbits treats . The perfect little treat for a sweet tooth .


As always we absolutely loved our Snowbits order!!!

Tasty. Not overly sweet yet takes edge off the munchies. Favorite healthy cheat treat!

Love your flavors.. just the right size for a tidbit.
A Snowbit tidbit.

5 star

I really enjoy the orange flavor!

I love these..like little bites of heaven.

Freeze Dried Strawberry

Not impressed. Looking for a recipe which will hopefully change my mind.

Sweet treats

Thank you for making such sweet and yet healthy treats. My family loves them.

Lovely Snack made in the USA.

Love these snacks. And they are made in NYC so I love that also. Great quality. Healthy. Taste really good.

The mints

I have to say I loved them they are just wonderful. I have to say there isn't any of your candies that I don't like. They are always fresh and taste awesome. Please keep up the great work your doing. Cause I will be ordering again soon.

Very good. I love these. The variety box is awesome.

Delightful treats

The treats are so flavorful. I especially enjoyed the strawberry flavor, but they all were delicious. I will certainly look forward to ordering again.

Not to my taste

Didn't like any of the ones I ordered


Tasty tasty treats!

Not to my taste

I didn't like snowbits. Just not to my taste, very little marshmallow taste.

Not really a fan!

These were okay, but I didn't really like any of the flavors. Company was very nice, and I appreciated that.

Was it coffee flavor?

The concept of these treats is a good idea. This coffee flavor was almost indiscernible. Maybe others are better.