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Pleasantly Surprised

Didn't know what to expect but I thought I would give it a try. And I was pleasantly surprised, it wasn't overly sweet, it was just right. Will definitely be trying other flavors. And one bag of 8 is just enough for one person 😁


Great treat with cup of tea

Incredibly yummy

I don't know what it is that has me so addicted. Chewy, but not hard to chew. Sweet, but not sickening. Lots of good ingredients, nuts, berries, etc. Just an astonishingly good products.


Great! A little dry or stale. The Tropical os must have better.


Loved the strawberry snowbits! Perfectly sweet and soft.

Strawberry Snowbits Treats: A Family and Friends Favorite!

My fourth order of strawberry Snowbits Treats, received 2 weeks ago, is gone. I cannot keep these in the house. Everyone who tries them wants more than one... or five! They are sweet but not overly sweet and are the perfect combination of flavors (strawberry, marshmallow, milk, biscuit bits) and texture. Time to re-order—again! Hoping Snowbits will offer more flavors of nut-free treats soon.


Keep ordering these addictive treats!


Terrific Gifts

I ordered two, kept one for myself, and gave the other as a gift. The premium gift pack is a wonderful way to get a variety of Snowbits treats, and I'm sure my friend ordered more of her faves right away!

Newbie to snowbits

I was so pleased with the packaging. But then I opened it up, taste of my first bite and was delightfully surprised with the wonderful sweet treat. This is now on my list for myself, and for gifting to others thank you Snowbits.

Great Snack

Nice variety of delicious guilt free treats!

Oreo flavor is my favorite!


It’s just like eating fresh strawberries. Absolutely delicious.

Love these!

These are a great snack when you want something a little sweet.


The dragonfruit was so good! the natural flavor and sweetness was great!

Coconut Chip (2 oz)
Coconut Chips

These were very good and arrived very quickly. I highly recommend this company.

Very happy

I loved the strawberry treats. It’s not too sweet and its natural strawberry flavor is perfect. Perfect size and it’s just so cute. I always share with my coworkers.

Opinion Survey

They're too small but very good 🥰

These treats are delicious and I have ordered them twice but will order them again.

Yummy Snack

First time purchasing and these are nice little treat!! They are just the right amount of sweet. I will be purchasing them again


This was the second time I have ordered Snowbits, they are the perfect size treat. The flavors are not over powering, and I love the chewy texture. If you like almonds this would be the perfect treat as well. They are fresh and are a great sive, not little pieces of almonds but some are whole,, or half not slivers. Some of the treats have bits of fruit. I will buy them a third time.

Tropic Orange

Very tasty, Probably my favorite.

Snowbits Treats Strawberry (8 PCS Nut-Free)

Guilt free trast

A perfect little sweet for me. I love original “plain” ones with nuts snd the strawberry and the orange flavored. With low carbs snd low calories i can eat one or two and satisfy my sweet tooth.