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Love them

I enjoy eating them. They are a great snack

Just too good!

All I can say is .. snow bits don't last long around my house šŸ˜’

What a treat!

Snowbits are amazing! I've only had couple but each one is very tasty! They aren't too sweet and the chewiness just makes you want more!


Absolutely love these orange treats. They sure have a nice refreshing taste. Will order more of that flavor. All the flavors are good.


Thought I would give these a try and they are DELICIOUS!!! I like the 40 calories per serving & 3 grams of sugar. Yes they are small but if you take your time and savor each bite you can make them last. I will be placing another order

Love these little bits of heaven!

Snow bits are not too sweet, but just the right taste for a pick-me-up and after meal treat! Love the mouth feel and the crunch! Will order more! Love the oreo and chocolate especially!

Everybody loves the snowbits. I shared it with my friends and family during Thanksgiving. Enjoyed it with tea and coffee. I will order more.

Very tasty treat@

The sweet treat with the hint of orange hits the spot when you need a little "pick me up"!


Bought quite a few variety packs for gifts (and one for myself). They were delicious and my family enjoyed them (so much that I would buy again, but I thought the packaging left a little bit to be desired. There should have been a card with a brief description and ingredient/nutrition list.


I've been ordering these awesome treats for a couple years and have not been disappointed. I've ordered them for gifts and stocking stuffers as well. I've had every one of the flavors and love them all. My two favorite ones are Matcha and Mint, though I enjoy them all. Thank you for such wonderful treats!!

Snowbits variety pack

I enjoyed trying all the flavors. Just enough sweetness to hit the spot. Love the original, Oreo and tropical.


I have bought snow bits about 3or4 times now. Every time I have extra money I use it to treat myself! I love snow bit treats because they are delicious. I have tried each kind they have and I will always come back for more because I do not have to feel guilty for eating them. Just read the details about what they contain and the integrity of the company comes through!!

Great snack

I love these at night when I would like to have some coffee but know I shouldn't. This really satisfies that need.

Snowbits Treats Strawberry (8 PCS Nut-Free)


Got the mixed sampler packs and they were all delicious! Would order again for a special occasion!


I enjoyed each of these Snowbits. I appreciate being able to order the mixed bag so that I could try all the flavors. My favorites were Original, Tropical, Matcha and Oreo. I shared them with my sister and she is now ordering too! They are perfect for when I want a small treat that doesn't blow my healthy eating plan.

Thank You so Much,


th best candy I have eaten in years

treats for hospital staff

The staff really enjoyed the Snowbits variety pack that I gave them. Iā€™m pretty sure it was gone before my visit was over.


It was really good


These treats are not too sweet and enjoyable.


I like to buy the variety packs. But will no longer purchase them because I mostly get mint and matha. Which are neither of the flavors I like. So I'm going to do less ordering.

A great snack

Iā€™m so glad I tried these. The Oreo and Strawberry were so good. Will definitely buy them again

Product review

Quality products. Will buy again.

Snowbits Strawberry Treats

I. Ate. Them. All. šŸ˜†

I have liked everything except the coffee flavored bites