About Us

A modern twist on the classic Italian nougat treats, our Snowbits are the perfect sweet treat for yourself or a gift to a loved one. Combining biscuits, nuts, and marshmallows, we carefully handcraft all Snowbit mixtures for soft, chewy goodness with little cookie crunches in every bite. 

Snowbits is inspired on a snowy day during winter of 2020 in New York, it is a handmade soft treat with a secret formula that we have created after a long time of trial and error.
It is a pastry hybrid between a soft candy and biscuit. Snowbits are perfect mixture of sweetness and crispiness, chewy but not sticky, and a great way to gain plant protein and other nutrients because of the mixed nuts and dried fruits within. You may enjoy them at any time, not just winter! Our treats are perfect for gifting and sharing with friends and family.

Snowbits is legally registered in the state of New York and we are an approved food processor, legal documents may be provided upon request.
Department of State ID #: 5870790
Feel free to contact us via email:info@snowbitssweet.com if you have any concern or question. 
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