About Us

My name is Tracy, I am a mother from New York, I love to bake and make treats for my family and friends, and this is where the story of Snowbits Sweet began. As a new sweet treat on the market, we really need you to give us a chance to try our sweets, and trust me you will not be disappointed!

Snowbits is inspired on a snowy day during winter of 2020 in New York, it is a handmade soft treat with a secret formula that I have created after a long time of trial and error.
It is a pastry hybrid between a soft candy and biscuit. Snowbits are perfect mixture of sweetness and crispiness, chewy but not sticky, and a great way to gain plant protein and other nutrients because of the mixed nuts and dried fruits within. You may enjoy them at any time, not just winter! Our treats are perfect for gifting and sharing with friends and family.

All of our treats are handcrafted with great effort and care using premium ingredients. We hand pick all of the ingredients, we do not mass produce using machine, and we do not use preservatives!

My friends and family love the treats so much that they support me to start a business and here we are. Our original plan was to open a small boutique in New York City, but for the obvious reason in 2020, we decided to start our little shop online. Time is difficult now and we hope to get through this all together with a little bit of sweetness, your support is critical to us.
We hope you enjoy our Snowbits treats as much as my friends and family, simple as that.

If you are hesitant about trying our product, check our $2.99 Tasting Sample Pack. Why the generous sample pack? That is because we have an over 90% customer return rate! I am confident that once you try it, you will come back for more! You may also use the one-time discount code NEW20 for 20% off your first order!

Snowbits is legally registered in the state of New York and we are an approved food processor, legal documents may be provided upon request.
Department of State ID #: 5870790
Feel free to contact us via email:info@snowbitssweet.com if you have any concern or question. 
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